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 2013 Vendor Application*http://www.estacadaareaevents.com/Estacada_Area_Community_Events/Vendor2012Application.pdfhttp://www.estacadaareaevents.com/Estacada_Area_Community_Events/Vendor2012Application.pdfshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1
2013 Big Bang Vendor’s Page
Food Vendors Will Be Situated Around A Tented Food Court
& Seating Area
We have also added over 800 linear feet of:

Want to be a vendor at our fun festival and fireworks show? This event draws about 10,000 people to Estacada ready to shop, eat and have lots of fun! You can sell your goods or food items for a very reasonable fee.

  1. $60 Food Vendor (July 4-7)

  2. $30 Non-Food Vendor (July 4-7)

  3. $10 Non-Profit Organization (July 4-7)

  4. $30 Electricity Fee For 110 (July 4-7)

  5. You must Supply Your Own Approved Electric Cords

  6. $50 Electricity Fee For 220 (July 4-7)

  7. You must Supply Your Own Approved Electric Cords

  8. There is a limited supply of electricity and will be provided on a first come basis until capacity is reached

* Please download the Vendor Agreement & Application and fill them out completely before you return them to us. All Applications must be received by us at our office by 2pm July 1st. 2013 *


 Event scheduling on the 4th of July requires “move in / setup” to be completed before 10:00 AM.  For convenience Vendors are encouraged to set up on July 3rd in the afternoon - evening.  

In order to keep Vendors grouped throughout all events Vendor Booths will be organized according to the length of their stay

The Event Grounds will be occupied 24 / 7 with EACE Staff.  The vendor area will be lighted and under surveillance all night.  Vendor area will be a ‘closed to the public’ in the off hours of the Big Bang events.

Estacada Area Community Events
We only accept COMPLETED & SIGNED Vendor applications by Mail, Fax or E-mail to the below:
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2160 Estacada, OR  97023  
Email:  vendor@estacada4thofjuly.com            Phone: 503-630-3909             Fax: 503-630-5066  

Event Site Map: 30900 SE Eagle Creek Rd, Estacada, OR 97023

Event: 2013 Estacada Big Bang Fourth Of July Celebration (July 4 - 7)http://www.estacadaareaevents.commailto:mailto:vendor@estacada4thofjuly.com?subject=Vendor%20Inquiry2012_Site_Map.htmlhttp://www.estacada4thofjuly.comshapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1shapeimage_4_link_2shapeimage_4_link_3

Vendors who are not required by law to have liability Insurance are those that do not serve food or drink; that requires no audience or patron participation; and is limited to the sale of arts and crafts etc. LIABILITY INSURANCE IS NOT REQUIRED.  JUST SIGN THE LIABILITY RELEASE FORM.  This Release allows those Vendors to participate and set up a booth at the 4th of July Big Bang Celebration. (You must also complete a vendor application)






Logging Competition

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VendorAgreement to Release from Liabilityhttp://www.estacadaareaevents.com/Estacada_Area_Community_Events/Vendor2012ReleaseAgreement.pdfhttp://www.estacadaareaevents.com/Estacada_Area_Community_Events/Vendor2012ReleaseAgreement.pdfshapeimage_7_link_0shapeimage_7_link_1